Where Do We Go When We Die?

  With the exception of the Atheists, almost everyone else in the world believes in some type or kind of supernatural Being or Energy. Most people need that Something that is greater then they are. There is a quote by Voltaire: “If there were no God, it would have been necessary to invent him”. Voltaire 1694-1778

At one time it was thought that everyone, except for heroes, went to a place that the Greeks called Hades when they died. It wasn't a bad place in fact the dead lived just about the way that they did while alive. They just did not need to work for a living any more. However, everyone wanted to be close to the Gods so tests were performed to show that they were worthy of residing with the Gods.

Where do you believe that you will go? Some Atheists believe that when your body dies then you become Nothing. With the advent of Christianity, Heaven became the place where good Christians went when they died and soon Hades transitioned into the home of the Devil. A Christian sect believes that you will lie in your grave until the ‘Coming’. However most religions have a reward and punishment site, where the good go in joy and the bad are punished for their sins. Christians believe that Jesus spent three days in Hell to pay for the sins of the believers so that they could go straight to heaven to be with Him.

Of course, those who curse their God cannot get into Heaven and thus find themselves in Hell with the Devil and his pitchforks. Most religions have a ‘Hell’ where those who are punished are there for a period of time before being allowed into their Heaven. However, the Christians believe that once you are in Hell you are in Hell for eternity. Others have their own idea of where they will go when they die.

 I remember an episode on the 700 Club, where a man told about his trip to Hell. “John” stated that he was in the hospital for an operation and that he died on the operating table. Suddenly he found himself in Hell where he saw a movie of all the bad things he had done in life. He went on to describe his sojourn in Hell. Then he said he felt himself being yanked out and came awake. The doctors then told him that he had died but that he was very lucky since they had been able to revive him. “John” went on to say that having that experience changed his life for the better. An aside: Some people who have passed over have stated that they too so a movie of their life. However, no one else ever mentioned the Devil with his pitchforks.


Although most people who ‘die’ on the operating table do not go to Hell, it is a common occurrence for them to see a white light and for their loved ones to come to meet them. Most of the time the loved one tells them it is not their time to die and they are pulled back into life on this side of the divide.


In my Metaphysical Seminary, we were taught something different. Here is my belief, see if it is something that you can relate to: When you pass on to the other side you first go to see a movie of 'This is your Life'. There is no blame or recrimination. You just see where you did good or where you need some help. After the movie you then go to the exact place that you believe you will go. The only exception to this rule is those, who for one reason or another, stay earth bound as ghosts. However, even the ghosts chose to stay earth bound for a reason, even if it is a reason known only to them. Maybe you will chose to go to Heaven and swing on a star or try out your new wings. Or alternately,you may believe that you will go to the other place where you are poked by laughing Demons with sharp pitchforks. My late husband loved to watch Westerns on T.V. and he told me that he had a mountain where he was going and all the animals that he loved would be there to meet him. I can just see him galloping over the western lands with his animals at his heels. Where ever you choose to go at death you will stay there until the day you decide that this life is boring-it might take one year or one thousand years-but it will happen. In the Bible, even the Angels looked down and wanted to become human.  When you choose to be reborn, you will again decide to whom you will be born and what sex you wish to be and what you want to learn in your next life. You then find yourself on earth and as you learn to live again you will usually forget everything that went before. You now have another opportunity to live.

 For those who do not believe that we will live more than one fleeting very short life, I ask you, When you were in first grade and summer vacation came, did you think that you were smart enough that you did not need any more education? Then why do you think that a fleeting seventy or eighty years gives you enough knowledge to need not to be born again?

                It is by living life after life that we grow and develop. Don't believe me? No one said that you should. Just live the best life you can while you are alive so that no matter what happens after death you will be ready for it.


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