Life and The Universe

From Divine Inspiration

In the beginning, all matter in the Universe was being compressed into an ever-smaller sphere. Around the sphere are the Ribbons. The Ribbons are compressing the sphere making it smaller and smaller. They do this by making loops. Each time the Ribbons make another loop the sphere is squeezed smaller. One could image a Mandela pattern that so many have seen of loops around the sphere making more loops getting tighter and tighter. Until the sphere gets so small, that it drops unto another dimension.

 Then the sphere explodes in what we call The Big Bang. Time and all the dimensions are created in our universe. The Big Bang sent the sphere into pieces of particle so small that they are the building blocks of atoms forming a primordial soup of matter. The Ribbons around the sphere are also cut into pieces of Ribbon from the very smallest microscopic pieces to the very largest pieces 100 of millions billions light-years long and every size in between. The Ribbons have consciousness, the ability to think. They have their individual consciousness and a collective consciousness’. Everything is made from something and Ribbons are made of a substance that is virtually indestructible, that is why they need the force of the Bang to split off and reproduce. They are two-dimensional; they have height and width, but not depth. This allows them to enter in and out of the multi-dimensional universe that was created from The Big Bang.

 They are not limited by the speed of light, even Ribbons that are billions of light years long, one end can respond as fast as the other end. They can turn on and off the electro-magnetically gravitational force. They can secrete substances that can act as sub-atomic glue. They can apply electrical charges to matter. From the primordial soup of matter, the Ribbons work to form the atoms from the building blocks of particles from The Big Bang. For we know that a body in motion tends to stay in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. The Ribbons are the outside force. Some Ribbons are in training for what will come. The Ribbons are putting partials together gluing them into little balls, and putting them in orbits around each other. Every atom in the universe was touched by a String. While some of the Ribbons are forming atoms; other very large Ribbons, that are the size of galaxies, and we will call them galaxy Ribbons.

 The galaxy Ribbons begin to attract from the primordial soup the matter, atoms and other Ribbons. We can see pictures of this as they form shapes of light that glow from the hot soup. The galaxies Ribbons being of full consciousness seek out other galaxies Ribbons and in doing so choose a mate. When the galaxy Ribbons mate, they join their ends together forming a circle. The matter, atoms and Ribbons and everything are drawn inside the galaxy circle. The galaxy Ribbons then make the center of matter to begin to swirl around the galaxy. The galaxies Ribbons starts their journey to the center of the galaxy.  Their ends are extended out of the circle forming arms.

 At the same time larger medium size Ribbons, we will call Lead Ribbons, are moving out side the galaxy circle attaching to the circle and to the arms. We can start to see the formation of the spiral galaxy.  

 The small micro size Ribbons, we will call baby Ribbons, begin to attract atoms and other matter to them, when they have the material that they want, they secrete a substances, we call carbon 60, that form a nano-tube cocoon around themselves. This carbon cocoon can withstand temperatures of thousands of degrees both hot and cold.  This cocoon has an oblong shape that is formed from five sided circles that look like an oblong buckyball or a soccer ball. The microscopic buckyballs or baby Ribbons start to move out from the circle to the arms of the galaxy. As they do, they cling to the Lead arms of the galaxy. They then attract mud around them creating asteroids full of baby Ribbon buckeyballs.   Over billions of years, inside the buckyball, the small baby Ribbons are organizing the atoms and matter into what will become life forms.

 At the same time medium size Ribbons, we will call planet Ribbons, are coming out of the circle of the galaxy and moving along the arms to the arms pits. The planet Ribbons are gathering up matter to form planets, stars and solar systems.  Some of the planet Ribbons gather up hydrogen for what will become a sun. Next to the sun, other planet Ribbons are gathering up oxygen for what will be a companion star. Still other planet Ribbons gather matter to form planets, like Earth. As the planet Ribbons compresses the matter together, to form the planets, they leave energy marks on the surface of the planet, that we call ley lines.

 After billions of years the planets, solar systems and baby buckeyballs are ready in the galaxy. The galaxy then seeks out another galaxy to mate with. We can see pictures of this happening through the Hubble telescope. When two galaxies mate, the Lead Ribbons let go of holding on to their galaxy and head for the other galaxy. The Lead Ribbons pull the asteroids full of buckeyball Baby Ribbons that has gathered around it towards the new galaxy.

 The Lead Ribbons as it enters into the new galaxy; it heads for a solar system’s Sun, which is not lit. The added mass of the Lead Ribbons ignites the solar system’s sun as it hits the sun. With the sun’s hydrogen ignited, combined with the companion star of oxygen, forming water. The water rides on the solar winds to the planets, giving them water.  A million years or so pass before the Baby asteroids Ribbons arrive.

 The baby Ribbons in their asteroid coats following the Lead Ribbons arrive and head for the planets. Landing on the wet planets the baby Ribbons in their buckeyball cocoons start coming alive with the genetic material or DNA that they have created over the billion of years in their little buckeyballs. As they come alive, the planet reacts causing the an ozone layer to form, blocking out other Baby Ribbons, just like a woman’s egg responds to a sperm creating a barrier to other sperm.  We can see the explosion in the variety of life that takes place in our own fossil records. It would be mathematically impossible for the variety of life we see around us to come from a single cell. This variety of life is needed to create an eco-system of interaction.

 All life has five basic rules to live by;

          1 Live as long as you can.

          2 Multiply, reproduce

          3 Try to evolve (to improve)

          4 To do these things, you must interact

          5 If you get confused remember rule #2

 The Planet Ribbons that formed the planets in the solar system that are now home to billions of life forms, are living in the center of the planets squeezing the center forming the molten core and radiating out the magnetic field around the planets. But their consciousness resides in another dimension, forming the Solar Counsel. The Solar Counsel you might say manages the system. They control who incarnates into or out of the solar system from and to other parts of the galaxy. They give guidance to the smaller Ribbons that inhabits the billions of life forms on the planets

The Baby Ribbons open the door of life for all the Ribbons in the galaxy, other Ribbons in the galaxy can now incarnate into life on the planets. The reason rule #2 is so important is because that is the way to incarnate for everyone. In other parts of the galaxy, solar systems that did not start life and other Ribbons start gathering up matter wrapping themselves around the matter squeezing it into an ever smaller sphere that we call a Black Hole. When the Black Hole drops into another dimension creating a Bang. That creates more baby Ribbons but now the Baby Ribbons can slip though the dimensions and incarnate into the life on planets around the galaxy.

 The first Ribbons reproduce allowing other Ribbons to enter life. The first Ribbons die and are reincarnated into the off spring of the others. They are plants, microbes and animal all interacting and evolving. The reincarnated Ribbons begin to understand what in that level of life works and then improve it, evolving. They are making and moving up the evolutional ladder of life. As they master a level of life, they incarnate into the next level of life. If one level or species becomes extinct, they incarnate into the next, and life goes on. Remember rule #2. As life evolves, it requires greater and greater levels of complexity in both form and interaction with the environment. The billions of life forms on the planets make up an eco-system, each part interacting with each other and themselves. It is though this interaction and reincarnation that the Ribbons grow.

 As the Ribbons make more complexes structures of life forms, they thread themselves though the cell’s genetic material or DNA. Because the Ribbons are multi-dimensional, they can be in every cell at once. As the Ribbons thread themselves though every cell in the body they form energy paths and centers in the body. We can see this in our own meridians and charkas systems in our own bodies. We can also see this pattern of threading in ghost. After the body dies, the Ribbons are released from the cells, the body looses about 21 grams, but the pattern of the body can still be seen, like a hologram picture, points of light making a picture.

  As The Ribbons live here in life, they also like the Planet Ribbons, reside in another dimension, we will call the spirit world. The Ribbons are our souls, the body of our consciousness, everything is made of something, and our consciousness is our spirit.

 What happened 2 billions years ago in our solar system changed the evolutional path? At that time our solar system had the sun, a companion star they gave water and oxygen to the planets. Venus, Earth, Mars and other areas had life living on them. The Earth looked very different than it does now. All the land was together in one continent we call Pangaea. The planets orbited the Sun in nice round orbits. Then our companion star was knocked out of its orbit, causing a shockwaves though out the solar system. The Earth moved into an ecliptic orbit causing it to cool to fast, cracking apart. This upheaval caused the extinction of many millions of species. The extinction of so many species disrupted the evolutional path from the gene pool. Venus and Mars were not so lucky, all life perished. Even the Venus and Mars the planets died, as they no longer have Ribbons that lived at their core, making their magnetic fields. However, it would get even worse. The mass that was the companion star was knocked into a perpendicular orbit to the solar system. This perpendicular orbit brings it in contact with the outer ring of asteroids, with a timing that could only be caused by a celestial object. That contact sends an asteroid shower that causes even more mass extinctions. Again we can see this in our fossil records. All this lost from the gene pool has made our planet life forms evolve differently than in other parts of the galaxy.

 What’s going to happen some day in the very distant future is that the galaxies will all move out to such a distant, that they are far, faraway from each other. After all the solar systems have died. All the Ribbons in the galaxy will gather all the matter in the galaxy and bring it to the Black Hole at the center of the galaxy. The Ribbons will then rap them selves around the sphere making ever tighter loops, until the sphere is so small it drops into another dimension and explodes into a Big Bang and we will have the birth of what we might call “The Milky Way Universe”.


Rev. Batiste