Life And Religion

Welcome to isis mystical shops where we delve into the mysteries of life and religion. This is a place where ESP and the paranormal live and thrive. Don't believe in the paranormal?Give us your views on why you do not believe. Strong believer, tell us why. Do you believe in charms and chants or believe they are just make believe? In the interest of full disclosure be aware that the owners of this site are both Witches and believe in ESP and charms and chants. Are you a Christian Witch, a Pagan Witch or an Atheist Witch? No, the devil has nothing to do with witchcraft as a witch's motto is: "an it HARM NONE do what thy will." You see the key words are "harm none" witches are of the earth and are atuned to the earth and they do not believe in harming the earth or anything that abides there-on.

If you are of an alternate religion let us know. If you are interested in an alternate religions ask. There are no stupid questions as the only stupid questions there are, are the questions that are not asked.

That said there is one cravat. We do not cut down anyone else's religion. Everyone has a right to their own belief. We appreciate hearing about other's religion and we are interested in learning about other religions. However, if you do not care about other religions and want to make a disrespectful comment on that religion, then may I respectfully ask that you go away.

If you are interested in conversing on our favorite subject then welcome. If you are interested in learning more about our favorite subject then ask. If you would like to purchase some 'witchy' or 'pagan' or 'alternate religion items' then you have come to the right place. We will be offering hand made, home made and commercially made items for sale. Each and every item will have been blessed specifically for the buyer. Where else can you obtain personally blessed items that are blessed specifically for you?

We will also offer from time to time other products that we feel will be of interest. These will mostly do with health, education and success. We hope that you check all our items out. Who knows; there might be something especially for you.

Here after we will write on different aspects of Metaphysics and withcraft. We will write on psychic protection and I Ching. In other words we will try to answer questions that you may have so write to us and tell us what you desire to see in print.

We look forward to hearing from you. Until then may you be blessed and may your dreams only be happy ones that come true.

Blessed Be

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