By the numbers: What numerology says about you

I was looking for a numerology program and found a good one. It was a program that I would be proud to share with you. Then for some reason -you know how that happens,- I clicked on another numerology program. They, too, offered a free reading so naturally I took advantage of the offer. This program had me down so pat I wondered if Blair Gorman was a relative. Blair then offered me detailed day to day suggestions for the next two years and yearly numerology readings for the next nine years. All to help me plot my success. By the time you read this I will have ordered my reading. I mean I want to know that I'm still around in nine years.

As some of you know, I write ebooks. "Fortune Telling Made Easy" is my book on how to read playing cards as well as the Tarot. I then touch on pendulums, crystal balls and tea leaves plus a few other ways to 'see' the future. I was going to write a book on numerology but after my numerology reading I would be doing a disservice if I did not suggest that if you have an interest in numerology to check this out and at least get your free reading. You, also like me, may decide to divide the cost of a full reading by nine years and figure that you can't afford not to get your numbers done. It is a flat give away price.

My numbers suggest that I could be a speaker or a writer. Well, I don't know how good a writer I am but I wrote a Metaphysical column for a magazine for fifteen years until they were sold. I have three short books out and am writing a fourth and hopefully many more. For years I was also the speaker at our monthly meetings, so he aced that.

Then he stated that my numbers speak about maybe escaping into drugs. Ha! I DO NOT DO DRUGS!! The doctor has trouble forcing life saving drugs down my throat. I was about to think that this Blair did not know what he was talking about, when I realized that 'drug' did not need to mean street drug. I believed, after thinking about it, that he meant what was 'your escape drug of choice', and I did have an escape drug. I'm a reader. I can escape into the world of books. Of course I read books for knowledge but show me an Urban Fantasy book and the dishes don't get washed and the book that I'm writing just sits there crying for attention. What is your escape drug of choice?

Have I made you curious enough that you would like to get your own FREE reading? I will admit that if you decide to purchase the entire Reading that I will profit from it.That said, I do believe that you will be thrilled with the information that you receive. Oh, by the way, a portion of every purchase goes to the Humane Society.

Never let people tell you that Numerology is pseudoscience. If anyone tries that on you just say, "Oh, of course. We all know that Albert Einstein was a pseudoscientist." Since Einstein knew quantum physics and that all life is made up of numbers, it would not have surprised me in the slightest to find out that he had his own numerologist. Unless of course Albert Einstein was one. Wouldn't you just love to have him do your numbers?

Since we do not have Einstein to do our numbers I believe that you will be very happy with Blair Gorman, the Numerologist. Let me know if he got the real you. I am throughly happy with him and I hope that you will be also.

Remember, the first reading is free and Blair will send you a lot of free information to help you in your life and hey, he even shows you how you can read for your friends. If you do decide to get your reading, you have an iron clad 60 day guarantee, so you have nothing to lose by sending for your free reading and everything to gain. So click here now.

A PS: My sister had her reading done and it was the exact opposite of how her life is going. Now this is numbers we are discussing, not fortune telling. Her numbers were the exact mirror image of her life. Why the exact opposite? I haven't had an opportunity yet to ask Blair why this happens but when I do I will write about it.

Let me know how your reading turned out. Maybe Blair can see a corner that you are not seeing, a light switch that you haven't turned on.