What is my purpose in life?

This is a question that everyone asks themselves at one time or another. Just what is my purpose in life? Why am I here? and then the other question is, How will I know when I have served my purpose? Richard Bach says that if you are alive you haven't fulfilled your purpose for coming on earth yet.
Now this idea of finding your purpose in life is fine when you are young but as you grow older and life's end becomes closer and you find yourself on life's treadmill with no way off then you really wonder, What is my purpose for being here?
I visit a Nursing Home where the patients will never get better and leave. What is their purpose? Is their life wasted? I had a friend whose child was born severely retarded. He had no control over his life so how could he fulfill his destiny? These thoughts and more have occupied my mind for years and although I'll probably never know whether I'm right or wrong in my thinking I've come to conclusions that I can live with. Each one of us has to answer the question of our destiny or purpose so my answers may not be the correct one for you.. A future column can be about what you think is your purpose for being on earth.
Unlike most people when I was young, I wasn't so concerned about what to do with my life but in surviving my life and I found that in surviving I also learned tolerance and the ability to accept people where they are. I still don't know what my purpose in living is unless it is writing these columns. Some of these columns are funny and some just ask questions and the reader needs to supply the answers. If my purpose is to write these columns I wish some wise person would tell me what to write. I am always searching for new topics so if you have a topic you would like discussed then please contact me.
What do you think is your purpose in life? I knew a man who believed that his purpose in life was to be a police officer. He joined the department and stayed there until he retired. Six months after retiring he passed away. He had nothing to live for. Did he fulfill his purpose in life?
Back to the patients in the Nursing Home who will never leave, what can they do? What is their purpose? Is their life lived in vain? I've thought about this and have come to the conclusion that their purpose in life is to help others to meet their potential. Every handicapped person usually has at least one and usually more than one caretaker. If there were no handicapped people than caretakers couldn't reach their potential. There would be no way for them to fulfill their purpose in life.
We all know angry people. What makes them angry? Will they go through life not fulfilling their destiny and will that knowledge make them even angrier?
I was at St. Frances Hospital when a 94-year-old woman was brought into the hospital. It seemed that when it was time to take a shower a C.N.A. Instead of putting this elderly woman in a wheelchair, dragged her to the shower and caused her foot to become infected and gangrene to set in. Unfortunately she died on the operating table. Was this elderly woman's purpose to show the C.N.A. That being angry and impatient was not the way for a person to live? What do you think?
What about the people who are drunks and druggies? Are they living a worthless life? Or could some of them be advanced souls that are here as drunks and drug addicts for the purpose of helping others find their true purpose in life?
Do you believe in reincarnation? Do you believe that this life we live isn’t our one and only chance? I was speaking with a young woman and she said that when she died she was going to Heaven to be with Jesus. I asked her if after one thousand years of Heaven didn't she think she might want to come back to earth and do this living thing again? She had to think about that. Now if a person was a drunk or a drug addict or beat their spouse or was consumed with anger and so never fulfilled their purpose for being here do you think that they might appreciate the fact that they could come back and try again?
If as they say, Only the good die young, do you believe that they had fulfilled their reason for living or was dying their reason for being? Was it by death that they could help someone else to fulfill their purpose?
Metaphysics is an interesting subject and Metaphysics usually leaves more questions than answers but the answers are in each and every one of us and the subject of Why are we here? is a subject that can keep people talking for hours. Try asking that question at your next party and depending on the type of party you have the answers will range from the ridiculous to the profound.
So the question still is: Why are you here on earth? What is your purpose in life? Is it possible to help someone else find their purpose.

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