The Underground Witch

An Acquaintance asked me to teach her about Witchcraft and as I thought about how I should commence teaching her, I accidental clicked on this site. At first I was amused because the author was stating that other Witches did not want their secrets told. Thus the title "Underground Witch". However, as I was laughing I remembered meeting some witches who felt that everything that they did had to be under a veil of secrecy. So it wasn't far fetched to believe that the Underground Witch might have encountered the same type of people.

When I lived in Houston, Texas, we had a large coven. We were not a secret society. We felt that there were a very few places where the uninitiated could not observe.

To digress for a moment I want to tell you about the time our coven was asked if we would do a Halloween show on local TV. We took a vote and decided to do a ritual, that though real was strictly for TV. To our delight we were picked up by National TV. The show's host decided that we would begin with a scene from Shakespeare where the three witches are siting around the caldron and stirring it as they chant. The show's host rented a typical Halloween Witches costume for herself-of course we all laughed at her- and the other two witches were my six year old daughter and her little friend whose Mother was also one of our coven. The kettle was filled with dry ice and gave
off a nice smoke effect. The two girls and the host then began stirring the kettle as they quoted Shakespeare. If you have never had the fun of performing a made for TV ritual you cannot imagine the high it gave us all. I do believe that the very power of being on TV gave the same power as casting a spell.

Now, back to our Underground Witch, who can't be too far underground or we wouldn't have heard of her. Her name is Arabelle Jolie and she has put together an audio that is Three (3) hours, forty-two (42)minutes and thirteen (13) seconds long. She has also included workbooks and other help. So what does this three plus hours consist of? She has included one-hundred and fifty spells, all set to bring you what you want. She includes Lodestone Magick and Candle Magick. She shows you how to do healing and what foods are foods of power.

Arabelle, shows you the different types of magick and the difference between being a Witch and being a Wiccan. Yes, of course we all know that there is a difference.

Arabelle also informs you that what color your clothes are can make a big difference in your life. Have you ever needed to make a good impression on someone so you stood in front of your closet wondering which outfit you should put on? Even if your outfit of choice is faded jeans what shirt you team with it can make a difference.

Here is one of her spells that she uses to get rid of negativity. Arabelle decided that since negativity was all around you might like to use this spell first:

You will need a rose quartz, a mirror, and a pink candle.
Place the pink candle in front of the mirror, light it and hold the rose quartz in your hand.

Repeat: "O blessed and reflected light,
Bring me peace this night.
Let my mind and head be free,
and filled with love and harmony."

Look past the flame of the candle into the mirror.
Try to see the negative elements affecting you at the moment, that you would like to remove from your mind, heart and life.
See them drawn into the flame and then into the mirror.
Place the mirror face down. Let the candle burn for one hour then snuff out.
When negative thoughts come back send them into the mirror.

I hope that Arabella's spell helped you. Click here and she has three more free spells that she is offering. Remember, if you decide to take her course it is absolutely guaranteed that if you are not happy 100% of your money will be refunded. You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain.